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Anti money laundering compliance reviews

A money laundering compliance review is the ideal way of ensuring your firm is implementing the correct anti money laundering procedures to comply with the Money Laundering Regulations and, more importantly, whether they're being adhered to.

  • Your review will check to ensure there is evidence of adequate money laundering training for all principals and relevant staff.
  • Your firm’s written procedures will be reviewed to ensure they are appropriate and being followed.
  • In addition, we‘ll test the adequacy of identification for new clients.
  • During the review, we’ll endeavour to identify ways to help your practice run more efficiently, help to cut down on unnecessary time and costs, and therefore improve your profitability.
  • Plus, you'll receive a full written report following your review setting out our findings, as well as any recommendations for improvements.

Whilst we will discuss the process used to assess internal reports and make reports to NCA, we will not review your file of reports as part of our work. 

The results of the review can also be used to assist in completing the firm’s annual return.

Call 0845 450 5555 for more details or to arrange a review.