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IRIS Anti Money Laundering software

Making AML compliance simple and cost effective

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Please note that this product is not available to purchase through SWAT UK and must be purchased through IRIS. For more details of this product or to purchase, please click here to visit the IRIS website or call 0844 844 9644.

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Simple to use - quick to learn 

If your firm doesn't have systems in place to highlight areas of non-compliance, complying with the Money Laundeing Regulations can be virtually impossible. In any firm with more than a handful of clients, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to monitor compliance solely using paper-based records. Performing ID checks alone is not sufficient to comply.

IRIS Anti Money Laundering is a simple to use and cost effective piece of software that provides a complete solution to help your firm comply full with the UK anti money laundering regulations. 

The IRIS Anti Money Laundering software enables you to perform all aspects of compliance recording and monitoring, making it quick, simple and cost effective for you to comply with the anti money laundering regulations. Specifically, the software: 

  • Provides comprehensive staff training through the Newswire and training modules, allwoing you to train all your staff and keep them up to date quickly and easily. Find out more > 
  • Identifies non-compliant clients and help you bring them up to date
  • Connects to Companies House and provides a free ‘mini’ search confirming the name and address of the company
  • Enables you to attach existing files or scan paper documents (e.g. copy passports) using your existing scanners;
  • Allows you to download and search the latest Treasury sanctions list at the click of a button
  • Links directly to the Internet allowing you to search the money laundering regulations and guidelines from the key supervisory bodies;
  • Allows staff to raise a suspicious activity report and help the MLRO control these reports
  • Helps you track staff training and highlights any deficiencies
  • Enables you to import client records from your existing databases, thereby speeding up the implementation process and avoiding staff re-keying data
  • Allows you to set reminders to review client ID evidence at regular intervals, depending on the level of risk you have set for individual clients
  • Includes built-in electronic ID checks at competitive rates. Find out more > 

Plus, the software incorporates a cost-effective electronic verification system, that doesn’t require purchasing a minimum number of checks each year or involve any setup costs;

The software uses a very simplistic approach to identifying compliance or non-compliance using green ticks, amber bulbs or red crosses, so users can see immediately where work is still required.

FREE Video Demonstrations

Introduction to the Anti Money Laundering Compliance Plus Software Mike Sturgess Walks You Through the Software Inserting a New Client

Importing Data from CSV Files Performing an Electronic ID Check Client ID / Due Diligence   


What are you required to do under the Money Laundering Regulations?

For each client, you must:

  • Provide anti money laundering training for all your staff
  • Train your staff on your firm's anti money laundering procedures and how to recognise and deal with suspicious transactions
  • Maintain up to date anti money laundering policies and procedures and clearly communicate them to all personnel
  • Implement “robust” procedures to ensure that your firm's policies and procedures are fully implemented and are effective
  • Have procedures in place for staff to report any anti money laundering or terrorist financing suspicions to the MLRO and for the MLRO to review such reports and report as appropriate to SOCA.
  • Assess risk
  • Confirm that your clients' (entity) exists
  • Identify all directors, trustees or equivalent
  • Confirm the identity of selected individuals
  • Identify any beneficial owners
  • Confirm the identity of selected beneficial owners
  • Have adequate “know your client” information
  • Record all of the above and keep it up to date
  • Maintain records of the supporting evidence of identity obtained for your customers for five years and of the transactions undertaken on their behalf for five years after a one-off transaction or end of a business relationship

The IRIS Anti Money Laundering software can help you achieve all this and more. 


What firms are saying about IRIS Anti Money Laundering

"We have been using the Anti-Money Laundering Software and the support package Compliance plus for over a year now and it is a godsend to our small growing accountancy practice. The software takes away the headache of ensuring compliance and the support line on ML issues is superb together with monthly newsletters and training software. It is perfect for any accountancy practice and we strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a solution."

Ibrahim Aziz, Managing Partner & ML Officer

Click here for more details of this product or to purchase

Please note that this product is not available to purchase through SWAT UK and must be purchased through IRIS. For more details of this product or to purchase, please click here to visit the IRIS website or call 0844 844 9644.