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Inheritance Tax Planning

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Course Code: 2338

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Who Should Attend

Partner / Manager / Junior
The course deals with the advice which can be given to the average client - the middle income client, the client with assets in excess of the nil rate band likely to be available when they die, so it covers quite a wide spectrum of clients.

The course is suitable for all fee earners.

Course Content

This course is designed to help you advise the middle income client about tax planning opportunities for them and dealing with other concerns in the light of the transferable nil rate band.  It will also consider what can be done after death. It will deal with:

  • Types of trust and uses
  • Lifetime tax planning with regard to the family home after the introduction of the residence nil rate band
  • The second home
  • Succession planning for businessmen
  • The farmhouse
  • Lifetime gifts and the use of the exemptions
  • Lifetime tax planning schemes
  • IHT planning for the terminally ill
  • Tax effective Will
  • The effect of the increase of the nil rate band to £500,000
  • Nil rate band discretionary trust, residue to spouse; trustees can accept IOU or charge for IPDI legacy
  • Avoiding CGT on an estate planning disposal
  • Hold over relief post 22 March 2006
  • Uses of deed of variations
  • Capital gains tax
  • Property abroad
  • Partnerships

The above course content relates to the 2018 instance only.  The course content for any webinar recordings prior to 2017 may vary.