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Important Change Regarding CCH Products Written by SWAT UK

We have been proudly responsible for writing and updating many publications on behalf of Wolters Kluwer(CCH) for almost 15 years and for ABG and Accountancy Books before that.

CCH have decided to carry out this work in-house and with effect from the 14th April 2017, SWAT UK are no longer responsible for writing any publications for CCH. This includes the PCAS and Kestrian audit systems and all related manuals and checklists as listed below.

This does not in any way affect your firm’s choice of audit system or the relationship we currently enjoy with you. It also will NOT affect in any way the file review services and training we are able to offer. Our file reviewers and trainers will remain well versed in CCH audit methodologies (whether within software, such as ProAudit or CaseWare, in Word or Excel or on paper), as well as all other packages with which we already work.

What will our publications team be working on?

As you know, we have a very talented publications team and we will not be letting those talents go to waste!

Andy Holton (Divisional Director – Publications) and his team will be:

a) Developing and upgrading SWAT UK's suite of publications including the ever popular Practice Assurance Manual.

b) Working with our sister company “Mercia Group” to develop and expand their publications; including their suite of audit and ‘Specialist Assignment Manuals’ (including charities, academies and pensions, to name a few), all of which will also be made available to SWAT UK clients.

If you would like to be kept up to date with the exciting developments from our publications team, please email info@swat.co.uk.

Which CCH publications are affected?

Private Company Audit System (PCAS)
Private Company Audit System (PCAS) Model Files
Kestrian Charities Audit & Accounts System
Kestrian Company Audit System
Kestrian Model Accounts and Disclosure Checklists
Academies Audit System
Accounts Preparation System
Audit Compliance Manual
CCH Audit Automation (ProAudit)
Charities Assurance Toolkit
Client Money Programmes
Company Accounts Disclosure Checklists
Efficient Auditing of Private Companies
Engagement Letters Toolkit
Interactive Company Accounts Disclosure Checklist
Model Accounts
Money Laundering Handbook
Practical Audit and Accounts Programmes: Charities, Clubs & Pension Schemes
Practice Management & Procedures Manual
Preparing Company Accounts: Small & Micros

Queries regarding CCH products

Over the years we have been the first port of call for those of you with queries relating to the above publications. CCH are now undertaking this role, so please direct all future queries relating to any CCH published title to the CCH customer service line on 0844 561 8166 or email them directly at 

Will SWAT UK still be able to provide file reviews to those firms using PCAS or Kestrian?

Absolutely, yes. We already review files using a range of audit methodologies and will be continuing to do so.

Publications from SWAT UK

We will continue to offer a range of online publications, authored by our expert technical team. For further details of each, please click a link below:

Practice Assurance Manual (for ICAEW firms)
General Practice Procedures Manual (for ACCA firms)
Probate Manual
Anti Money Laundering Procedures Manual
DPB Compliance Manual

Publications from Mercia Group

Mercia has a range of audit and 'Specialist Assignment Manuals', including charities, academies and pensions, to name a few. Details of all current Mercia authored titles can be found here. If you would like to discuss any of these in more detail, please contact the Mercia team on 0116 258 1200 or email queries to belinda.auchimowicz@mercia-group.co.uk

SWAT UK and Mercia - supporting you together!

With our own publications team now working closely with the publications team at Mercia, the increased collaboration means we will be able to support your practice with the provision of online guidance and templates better than ever before. As well as continuing to develop and enhance our wide portfolio of existing online publications, we will also be investing in the development of new online titles.

We are very much looking forward to continue supporting your practice through the provision of file reviews, training, online guidance, templates, checklists and (as always) first class customer support.