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In-house accountancy training - Bringing SWAT UK courses to you

Whether you want to hold accountancy training in-house, or are looking for topics to be included at your next conference or corporate event, SWAT UK offers a huge range of accountancy course topics to suit your requirements.

Most courses included in our public programme can be held in-house for your firm.

Courses can be arranged at a time and place of your convenience. Plus, the more staff who attend, the more cost effective the course becomes.  In addition, your staff can benefit from training that is directly relevant to their requirements and issues can be discussed with the lecturer without privacy concerns.

Three reasons to choose SWAT UK for your in-house accountancy training

1) Variety - Choose from a huge range of courses that we can run in-house or as part of a conference programme.

2) Flexibility - Whether you want a full day session, half day or even just an hour; and whether you require training for junior staff, partners or a mixture; we can tailor our courses and content to suit your requirements as well as your audience. Just let us know what you need.

3) Experienced and entertaining speakers - Our speakers have considerable experience lecturing to, and working with, accountancy firms of all sizes. Their combination of lecturing and practical work means our speakers can help your staff to understand the subject and how to implement it efficiently.

In addition, our speakers are renowned in the accountancy profession and lecture widely with organisations throughout the profession. 

In-house training to follow up a file review

We can also provide training based on the findings from your file review, helping you to improve recovery rates and ensure you remain compliant. Many firms for instance, hold an Accounting and Auditing Update course following a review of their files, enabling the lecturer to highlight key areas that require improvement, helping staff to improve their efficiencies and recovery rates on future files.

For more details including rates for our in-house courses, call us on 0845 450 5555.

SWAT UK Full Members enjoy 10% discount, or can use support days in exchange for in-house courses.

Are you organising a conference or accountancy event?

SWAT UK is recognised as one of the most well respected accountancy training firms in the UK and we regularly provide seminars and training on behalf of organisations throughout the sector.

We offer a huge range of topics, coupled with experienced and entertaining speakers who are renowned in the accountancy profession. Our courses can be tailored to your requirements, so if you're looking for a one-hour slot or longer, or perhaps a number of slots on different topics, we can tailor our courses to suit your needs.

Call us today on 0845 450 5555 to discuss your requirements.